How do I find the frame that is perfect for me?

Finding the perfect frame is like finding the perfect pair of jeans, it has to be just the right fit! But, just as with jeans, frames are not “one size fits all” and not everyone is looking for the same “cut” or style. Just basing the style of frame on your face shape is outdated and not the best plan of attack!

Here is what you need to know:

  • Frames nowadays come in every shape and color that you can imagine, and there are no limits to the style you can achieve by adding the right one to your face.
  • Just like the jeans earlier, frames must be tried on in person, there are many different sizes and fits.
  • Turn to the experts, most optical shops will have an optician available for you ask questions and steer you in the right direction. Do not be afraid to ask their expert advice, this is what they do!
  • Try all the styles, even if a frame does not seem appealing on the wall or stand, it may look great on your face, or, now you know to stay away from similar styles. Just because you have a round face does not mean you cannot wear a round frame!
  • Do not let price be your main guide to the frame you pick, if this frame will sit on your face all day every day for everyone, including yourself, to see, is it not worth investing in?
  • Take a chance, sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone to find “the one”, if you have been wearing the same style for years it may be hard to break away from it, but you will be glad you did.
  • Comfort is key, not all frames are made the same. Make sure the one you are buying feels comfortable on your face, if it is not great in the store, it will not feel any better after hours of wear.
  • Lastly, make sure that your new frame is custom adjusted for your face, this will save you a lot of frustration that comes with an ill-fitting frame that either slides all over the place or is uncomfortable.

Your face is a work of art, it deserves a great frame!